Operating System and File System Associate

Certificate in Operating System and File System Associate (C-OSFS)

Knowledge of operating system and files system is fundamental to any technical career in IT industry. Understanding operating system and file system forms the basis of a sound further learning of different IT courses, specially, for students who are from non-technical background and want to pursue a career in information technology.

  • High level introduction to Operating Systems (OS)
  • The Operating System functions and activity
  • Understanding of process threading and file system building blocks
  • Learn memory functions and CPU utilization
  • In-depth understanding of Operating System and File System components.
  • Knowledge of various platforms for information exchange between hardware and the applications
Total 6,500 Exam Fee 1,500

13,000 6,500

Instructor-led live online classes

(5 Week)
10:00 AM - 01:00 PM ( IST )
(15 Days)
03:00 PM - 06:00 PM ( IST )
(15 Days)
03:00 PM - 06:00 PM ( IST )

Classes starts with one hour of orientation session, which covers the structure and objective of the program.
You will have the flexibility to select batch for individual courses as per your schedule and time preference.

Training Modes


  • Learn with experts in a robust classroom environment
  • Includes Reference book, Lab Manual, CD
  • Select between weekday/weekend classes


  • Instructor led of online-live classes
  • Ask questions on-the spot
  • Download Reference book, Lab Manual for all time reference
  • Availability of weekend /weekday batches


  • Text Book : A complete step-by-step guide
  • DVD 1 : Lab Manual, Recorded Sessions
  • DVD 2: Virtual Lab Environment for practice
  • Exam Voucher : For certification exam
  • Know More


  • On-Premise training delivery
  • Online instructor led Live- session
  • One-to-one doubt clarification
  • Excellent learning material
  • Online simulation-based practical

Key features

  • Instructor led Online Training for uninterrupted learning environment
  • Offline learning through Interactive Training videos for hassle-free, self-paced learning
  • Excellent course content including course books, lab manuals and DVD
  • Cyber Simulation DVD to practice on Real Life scenarios
  • Yuva Cybercell to address student complaints regarding cyber issues
  • A life time support to students through email & off-line chats

Course Description

Operating System and File System knowledge is the first step towards any career in IT industry. No matter what stream of IT you choose, it is always advisable to learn the basics of different operating systems used in the industry and its related file system.The course begins with an overview of the structure of modern operating systems.Over the course of the subsequent units, you will learn all about the history of moderncomputers; analyze in detail each of the major components of an operating system(from processes to threads); and explore more advanced topics in the field, including memory management and file input/output. The last phase of course involves discussion on various system related security issues.

Course Curriculum

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